Identity Crisis: Helping Find Out Who You Want/Need to Be, Again

by Jonathan Galbreath

27 May, 2010

When it comes to branding or identity, The Arland Group takes a holistic approach.

Usually, the creative process starts at first contact.  We pay attention to things such as your office space, what you are wearing and what colors you sport, your body language, how much you smile [ or don't >: ( ], etc, etc, etc.  Not because we are vain … it’s because, all of those things effect the way in which we approach your company’s brand or identity.

When George Metanias of GRL Solutions and Grassroots Leadership came to us the first time to brand his company, he had a very solid vision of what he wanted his company to represent.  The second time around, was much more a collaborative and exploratory experience.

The result was GLS Worldwide.  The mark, we feel, emphasizes sense of growth and momentum.  At the same time, maintaining a sense of order and synergy.  GLS “inserts” themselves into a company and becomes a working piece of the mosaic of your business (we also thought the “worldwide” connotation was nice).

Having an identity crisis?  You can reach our business 24 hour hotline at 773 588 3144.