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Standing Out Among the Crowd, Succeeding in Today’s Digital World

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2017 has been a wild ride so far. Inboxes were flooded in December with 2017 Talent Acquisition and Digital predictions. Top producers around the world broadcasted new and improved solutions to traditional hiring needs, leaving the TA community bombarded with potential promises and answers within reach.

As humankind continues to make progress in today’s evolving world, two needs remain constant and unmoving. How do we improve our business and hire the right people? How do we stand out among the crowd?

Here’s a quick formula for success that encourages us to incorporate the digital world and move forward with confidence.

 1. Embrace Artificial Intelligence

The candidate-driven market has made talent competition more competitive, with 46% of talent acquisition leaders admitting to struggling with attract qualified candidates. Artificial Intelligence is the big brother to many of these issues, providing additional sourcing technology to attract passive candidates. The true gift of automation and growing technology is the ability to find a quick solution compared to time consuming work. Recruiters and companies who embrace Artificial Intelligence, will most likely reap the benefits of streamlined processes and improved efficiency. Many platforms and newly developed technologies are readily available to assist with candidate engagement, screening, sourcing, and communications.

My favorite part about new technologies and automations? The ability to revamp internal KPIs and disrupt outdated processes with new solutions that bring trackable results.

2. Figure Out the Employer Brand – Ready, Set, GO!

The term “employer brand” was first defined in the 1990s, highlighting an organization’s reputation as an employer vs. the general corporate brand. Many CEOs choose to focus on building out their organization’s employment brand as the first step in recruiting top talent with key skills. Because many companies are more transparent than they were in the early 90s, employment branding has stepped up its game to include social media and consumer-facing communications.

LinkedIn advocates that the push for employment branding is paying off. Organizations are developing strategies that activate online professional networks and social channels. Even 36% of retailers have a team dedicated to employer branding. In general, a strong employer brand resonates with internal teams and can create a sense of pride and quality of work. Employees are more willing to deliver a positive customer brand experience rather than an undeveloped company promise.

3. Step Up Your Candidate Experience Game

Some employers may be resistant to treating candidates as the main customer of recruiting. The Talent Board reported that an average 41% of global candidates who had a negative candidate experience said they would take their relationship elsewhere. It’s not surprising that the application process is still lacking in the candidate-friendly department. By ensuring your job application progression is on-point, your company may experience easier communication and decreased drop-off.

The candidate experience continues to incorporate referrals and employer review sites. 56% of employers use employee referral programs to engage with potential candidates. Sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn will continue to increase in importance for both employers and candidates in searching for new positions (Candidate Experience Report 2016).

When a company is struggling to fix its internal issues, it’s vital we look to the upcoming digital decades for progressive solutions. By establishing a formula that works for your needs, standing out among crowd will prevail. Keep in mind that new technology, employment branding, and a candidate’s experience, are the first steps toward a successful future.


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