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#TAGBlog: A Review of ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’

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A habit is considered a routine, often unconscious, behavior. Steven Covey, the author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” defined a habit as “a higher level of thinking that allows humans to reach a new level of happiness and prosperity.”

A higher level of thinking starts from inside, and private victories precede public victories. If you want to have good neighbors, then be a good neighbor. If you want more freedom at work then be a more helpful employee. Here are three principles that spoke to me the most when reading this book:

Be Proactive.
Proactive people are driven by values, while reactive people are influenced by their surrounding environment, circumstances, etc. Proactive people choose how they are going to feel, regardless of their environment, and they don’t allow negativity to influence them. They demonstrate integrity, and very importantly, they develop solutions. “I can’t” becomes “I choose to” and “I must” becomes “I prefer.” “If only” becomes “I will.”

Begin with The End in Mind.
Does each part of your life and your behaviors reflect what is truly important to you? Ideally, they should. Considering, imagining and crystalizing definite goals is paramount to leading a productive and peaceful life. We actually create things twice: once in our mind and secondly “on paper” or in some physical way.

Put First Things First.
Planning and organizing our time is key. Covey shows us four quadrants in a matrix of urgent and important versus non-urgent and non-important.

The goal is to spend most time on important, non-urgent activities to achieve goals. If we spend too much time in important + urgent, we are constantly putting out fires, which leads to burnout. With proactive planning, delegating work and properly training people to do great work, an organization or group of any kind can reach its peak.

These three principles are all “Private Victories” and lay the groundwork for the remaining “Public Victory Principles.” They address our personal vision, leadership and management.

At The Arland Group, these principles have guided us. We continue to achieve great growth as we assist our clients in attracting and hiring their ideal employees. In my eight years at TAG, we have grown from eight to more than 20 employees, helped millions of applications reach recruiters and thousands of people find careers.

We build strategies from the bottom up and chart a clear course on how to get there. By way of size, we are considered a small company. But by way of our branding, social, and media strategy accomplishments, our creative solutions lead to “big” results. Clients choose us over competitors five times our size for creativity, highly effective and results-producing work plans, outstanding ROI, and white glove service, which is born from our passion for solving client problems and creating best-in-class solutions in talent acquisition.

If you are interested in reading more on Steven Covey and/or perfecting your time-management, goals and personal vision for 2018, his work can be found online and in book stores.

For more information about a transformation in your corporate talent acquisition strategy, please call TAG for 2018 trend information, including the advantages of programmatic ad campaigns, Google AdWords through our certified team of Google experts, employment branding, social content and vendor management.

Happy New Year! Cheers to an exciting path ahead of personal growth from the inside out!


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