Three Things Every Exceptional Career Site Should Include

by Deb Andrychuk

22 August, 2011

I am a person with few pet peeves. I have very few because when things irritate me, I generally look the other way. But when it comes to a poorly designed career site, I cannot pretend that it doesn’t bother me. Why? It drives me nuts when companies are their own worst enemy in the war for talent!  It might sound silly, but it seems like any company who puts emphasis on their employees would want to the deliver the best first impression possible.  Especially when in this day and age, you might only get one shot at wooing a candidate.

The company career site is the first place I go when I scope out a client’s corporate URL.  What do I look for? In my opinion, there are three things every exceptional career site should include.

1. Great Employment Branding:

How do you tell your company’s story to potential job seekers? A good employment brand should first tie your consumer or corporate brand to hiring. It should also be unique, truthful, compelling and relevant to candidates visiting your corporate website. Be careful in believing it’s only about the verbiage and images on your site, because it goes well beyond this one possible interaction with seekers. It’s as much about how you are perceived by candidates in cyberspace and in your local community as it is what type of hiring experience you provide.  Do you thank your candidates for applying? Do you clearly define what happens next once they apply to one of your jobs? Are you professional, courteous and consistent with communications to job seekers? It’s all critical to building a great brand!

2. Sensible Navigation:

Is it easy for the job seeker to find the career site and apply for a job? How many hoops does your seeker have to jump through to find the opportunity they are interested in? Can they find it without direction?  In a perfect world, I believe candidates would only have to click ONE time from the home page to find your careers section. That one click would deliver the job seeker to an area that showcases all that makes you unique and hosts a simple way to search for a job. One of the biggest mistakes we see clients make is offering extremely confusing navigation on their site. It shouldn’t take 10 minutes to figure out where to go on your site to apply for a job. And, you shouldn’t ever drive candidates away from your site to a job site like Monster or Careerbuilder. You have paid big bucks on advertising to drive job seekers to your site, so keep them there and convert their interest into an application!

3. Killer Content:

What makes a candidate want to learn more about your opportunities or your company? It’s all about the information that you are sharing and the way that you share it. As my kids would say, “Keep it real” and stay away from content that looks as if it was written by legal counsel.  Do remember to include testimonials, examples of community involvement, charitable endeavors, cultural information, benefits overview and commitment to diversity recruiting efforts. Videos are a great way to highlight all that makes your company stand apart and have become a must have for companies looking to attract Gen-Y.

So, there you have my rant for the day!  I hope that I can help someone out there.

I am interested to hear what you think!