Why TAG Loves Engaged Users: Being Popular Never Gets Old

by Alyssa Stahr

11 April, 2013

Remember back in the days when you got a note slipped through your locker door or in your windshield wiper, or the feeling you got when your mom yelled that the phone was for you, or your art teacher acknowledged your amazing work for all to see? Even though we may live in a world of advanced technology, in many ways engagement hasn’t changed.

As a brand manager, recruiter, writer or content specialist, the best feeling one can get is acknowledgement that people are reading, engaging and caring about what is being posted out into cyberspace. It’s a human connection, and it’s what we plan on and strive for on a daily basis. But, we can’t rely on user engagement alone. We must provide an interesting way to grab attention.

So, let’s review five simple ways to boost user-generated content and get further in the world of popularity.

  1. Ask open-ended questions. If you ask “What’s Your Favorite Color?” You are going to get a one-word answer. In short, that’s really boring. Now, if you ask “What type of feeling do you get when you see your favorite color?” You’re going to get a more “colorful” response.
  2. Create polls. A poll is a great and easy way to get readers involved and to voice opinions. Make sure to have a write-in space for even more options.
  3. A picture always is worth a thousand words. You’ve got Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr and more to post, share and filter endless photos. How about a photo competition? Almost every topic under the sun can be shared via photo, and it’s a fun way to get people involved. Caption contests always are a bit hit as well.
  4. Know your audience. A car manufacturer who posts photos of weekly open houses won’t get much feedback. Know what your product is and whom you want to target. Sure, every once in a while, your age demographic may start off one way and surprise you once analytics pop up. Don’t ignore that. Tweak when necessary.
  5. Acknowledge engaged users. Always answer questions, thank people for following and take the time to recognize your “regulars.” After all, if you don’t respond to that note in your locker, chances are you won’t get another one.