Facebook’s New Optimized Ad Options

by Joshlyn Polk

20 April, 2015

In an effort to give more companies the competitive edge, Facebook has announced plans to incorporate new product ads–a potentially lucrative new ad unit poised to benefit brands as they seek to reach large audiences on the biggest social media platform.

In the past, a solitary ad in a campaign would be delivered to the audience at large. Brands will now be able to run multiple ads in the same campaign with different targeting and maximize the performance of their efforts! Instead of a one-size fits all approach, companies have an increased chance of upselling products or appealing to consumers for which the original ad may not have been relevant. This translates to big opportunities for added revenue and is also friendly to the media-buying budget.

Large-scale advertising on Facebook has been difficult to master for small to mid-sized businesses but with the introduction of this new ad option, more brands will be able to take advantage of the endless potential of this new promotion practice.

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