Get to Know Facebook Fans with New Graph Search

by Emily Pirraglia

2 August, 2013

Do you manage a Facebook page? Whether you’re a bona fide community manager or a small business owner, understanding the twists and turns of Facebook is key in order to successfully connect to your company’s current fans and reach new ones. And, thanks to Facebook’s graph search, creating content that addresses your fans’ and potential fans’ interests while remaining relevant to your business never has been easier!

Using Facebook’s graph search is like setting up a secret camera in a person’s home. It feels a bit stalkerish to learn the interests of your Facebook page’s fans, but these insights will help you craft popular page updates and establish successful paid ads with interest targeting.

The graph search algorithm makes it easy for marketers to browse through large amounts of data by filtering through a variety of factors. If you simply want to learn about all of your fans’ interests, just enter “favorite interests of people who like [Facebook page name]” into Facebook’s search bar. From here, you can refine your search by modifiers such as gender, relationship status, occupation, location and additional “likes.” Your insights are not limited to page “likes”—graph search also allows you to change the types of things you can search for and extend the search through different interests.

There are dangers to reading into the data too much when you use the graph search. Just because something is listed as a “like” doesn’t necessarily mean someone actually likes it. The algorithm can’t identify irony, so incorporating Corky Romano references into your posts won’t make your page any more popular. There currently are no resources that list the specific modifiers and types of things you can search for, so your understanding of the tool will best come through trial and error. Remember to use the insights the graph search provides to enhance your engagement, not hijack your social media strategy and content goals.