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A Focus on Employee Happiness

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A recent survey conducted by Mental Health America and the Faas Foundation found that an astounding 71 percent of the 17,000 U.S. workers in 19 industries were unhappy in their jobs. In fact, they were so unhappy that they were looking for jobs elsewhere. reported on the story, which gave two main reasons as to why these employees were unhappy, according to a report published by The Ladders. The first was all about recognition. Forty-five percent of the survey’s respondents said they “rarely or never” got what they thought was their deserved pay, while 44 percent said they were “always or often” overlooked. Sixty-four percent weighed in on their supervisors, saying they don’t get enough support. The second aspect dealt with stress, with almost two-thirds of respondents saying that their job is having “a significant impact on their mental and behavioral health.” Sixty-three percent said that they have “always, often or sometimes” taken part “in unhealthy behaviors such as drinking or crying regularly.”

While changing jobs may be an immediate fix, with this large number of respondents who are unhappy, we suggest four ways to employers that may be able to help with long-term satisfaction in the workplace.

Feeling Appreciated
A little love goes a long way. Jessy Dyson, TAG account management team lead, says that she can’t think of a week that has gone by where her coworkers haven’t said a genuine thank you or gone out of their way to make sure she knew she was a valued team member. “I try to return the favor too, because I know what it means to me!”

Giving Regular Feedback
While official performance reviews are a great thing, Alyssa Runge, TAG graphic designer, loves the regular feedback she receives not only from the TAG group, but clients. “I love hearing back from the client about what they think of an image. Even a little input — positive or negative — really helps me create my next project for them. Hopefully then I will be able to nail the design in one try.”

Creating Your Own Destiny
Sometimes workplace satisfaction isn’t all about the employer. Taking matters into your own hands with a positive attitude can go a long way. Kimberly Birkhead, TAG account manager, says what makes her the happiest in any workplace is being able to help with internal processes and events. “I love being able to help my peers have a happy workplace as well.”

Caring About Your Coworkers
Fostering a positive workplace with those around you instead of resenting them (which also factored into the survey) can definitely help with internal stress levels. Knowing you have a team supporting your day-to-day life is key. Ali Ishman, TAG social media specialist, says that she loves the fact that everyone at TAG actually cares about each other. “They care if something is going on, and they genuinely want to help out in any way they can, from helping with workload or just letting you take a day to breathe.”







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