Recruiting and Mitch

by Sharon Lynch

11 January, 2013

Of all the wonderful topics and opportunities that 2013 will bring, I hope and anticipate that military recruiting will rise in importance and significance. Not only should we take extra special care of these men and women, but what they also possess for innate and priceless talents, great for our business world, be it small business, healthcare, corporate, etc. is profound. Their leadership, loyalty, dependability, ability to produce results, do whatever it takes and inspiration are key whatever their years of experience, from junior to executive roles.

I’ve had the proud pleasure of having three cousins serve in the Navy—one a Navy Seal who has completed three deployments overseas. I also have two close friends who are now a CEO of a hospital and senior VP, supply chain. If I had the chance I would personally hire all five to work with me and would implicitly trust their decisions. I may be told I had a bit of nepotism going on, but it would be worth it.

Inspired by my Navy Seal cousin’s past deployment where he was gone for Christmas 2011, I reached out this past holiday season to those overseas now in his place. I organized a cookie drive and used social media, my neighborhood community Facebook page, to post a notice that I’d be sending holiday treats to “Mitch,” a referral from my cousin. My neighbors dropped off treats and letters in droves. Last week I received a personal, hand-written note from Mitch thanking us for our special shipment: “You made a lot of soldiers, Marines, Seals, sailors and airmen very happy and very full.” I was in awe that he took the time to do this. Yet another priceless trait.

There are thousands of “Mitch’s” currently available for hire who work in accounting, finance, logistics/supply chain, inventory, IT, engineering, recruiting, health care, marketing, customer service, hospitality and in more fields that you actually might imagine, in order to keep our troops organized and cared for. As a recruiter, not only can you target this fantastic group with ads, job postings, direct mail, social and mobile media, you can meet them live at career fairs and sponsor booths. Here at The Arland Group, this is yet another area of expertise where we can provide direction and help you find your own “Mitch,” or several, to help take your company to the next level.

We wish you and yours a prosperous and joyful 2013! And special thanks and gratitude for all those who are or have served our country.