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#TAGBlog: Building a Stellar Candidate Experience Through Technology

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One of the biggest buzzes in the recruitment world in the first quarter of 2018 is technology and where it is going to take us. Artificial intelligence, the rapid changes of mobile, and personalization for each and every candidate through the entire range of the application experience are all key areas that has the industry’s focus.

So, how can useful technology work to perfect the art of the human aspect of candidate recruitment?

I sat in on a recent AdWeek webinar, “How AI Transforms Content Marketing,” and the speaker said something that stuck with me. One size fits all in terms of content marketing is no longer acceptable, yet content marketing still as a whole feels mostly canned. We must not forget that we are marketing to individuals — not someone like them, but them.

Humans and Technology Working Together

What I love the most about the current AI technology marketplace is that data is pulled about the individual, effectively allowing us to learn more about the person, thus enabling us to tailor everything better, from the experience as a whole, to content, to social media. It’s important to note that this technology isn’t meant to take away from the human side of recruitment or recruiters — it’s meant to work with them.

Digital is all the rage, and in another webinar, “Ramp Up Your Recruitment Strategy with the Right Technology,” from CareerBuilder, there were some key stats I took with me:

  • There are approximately three billion people in the global workforce
  • About one-third of organizations today are willing to make a change to their technology
  • Employees are filling jobs at the lowest rate in three years, yet unemployment is at the lowest rate since 2000 (4.1 percent as of Dec 2017)
  • Clients are having a problem finding people
  • The December 2017 average amount of time to fill a role has almost doubled since 2009
  • People have more confidence and are voluntarily leaving their jobs more, in fact 3.3 million quit their job just last month, according to the Bureau of Labor, putting candidates in the driver’s seat in this low-risk atmosphere. Seventy-five of full-time employed workers are actively looking or open to new opportunities
  • Top talent tends to rely on two things: understanding the audience and what experience they want through the hiring process
  • Candidates are using an average of 18 difference resources when applying, and 55 percent of candidates find the action and engagement stages the most frustrating part of the candidate experience

Mobile Marketing is the Rage

If that isn’t enough to ponder, we can’t forget the mobile market. Our phones are with us so much that they’ve become extensions of ourselves. Just this morning I looked around on the bus and every single person was looking down at their phone. Frances Yu, principal at Deloitte Consulting, said that an astounding 89 percent of us check our phones first thing in the morning, 93 percent of us use our phones while shopping, and even 89 percent of us use our phones in a dual role of technology — while watching television. It’s a market that certainly can’t be ignored.

The Arland Group’s Recommendations

With a ton of options to consider in the technological world, The Arland Group has vetted some exciting tools to partner with:

Hiretual is a service that recruiters can visit and then download a Chrome extension at no charge. Once downloaded, recruiters can use a variety of tools built using AI that allow them to search social platforms and the web individually. Enter keywords, and the tool will build your Boolean strings for you, allowing search of a variety of platforms. Users can also set up searches and let the platform do the work 24/7, delivering candidates to them. Additionally, there is a Facebook search functionality, where recruiters may search all of Facebook using Boolean searches on the platform and have results in seconds. Recruiters can also type in whatever limited information they may have regarding a candidate and receive back their personal contact information.

Connectifier is a way to connect with great candidates immediately on social media. The free extension/tool allows AI to supplement and fill in the gaps on a LinkedIn profile, for example, with personal contact information.

HiringSolved is a cost-based AI service built upon machine learning, which is a time-saving element. For example, when using other open-web sourcing tools, you must visit the various platforms to use the technology, one-by-one. First hit LinkedIn, then hit Facebook, etc. With HiringSolved, you may search social platforms all with one search. The second advantage of HiringSolved is the ability to showcase desirable diverse candidates with filtering capabilities. The platform fills in the blanks on the candidate profile with personal contact information. HiringSolved also has an AI called Ray, which performs web searches on voice command.

WebClipDrop is another cost-based tool that uses machine learning and AI. A recruiter may “clip” any candidate from LinkedIn or Facebook (or any another other platform with public data), the tool will fill in all contact data and then you may “drop” the candidate into your ATS, CRM or CSV or Excel file. TAG recommends this tool be used in conjunction with Hiretual, and it is also fantastic for sourcing unlimited candidates from Indeed. You will no longer need to purchase Indeed resumes when using WebClipDrop as you can search candidates, clip them and let WebClipDrop fill in the contact information before you drop the contact.

Jobcase is a social media platform dedicated to empowering America’s workforce. Jobcase is associated with MIT’s CSAIL program and employs top talent machine learning part- and full-time engineers and data scientists. Jobcase engages its member base in all aspects of their careers and job search. The community provides insights and encouragement where users help each other navigate the job landscape. Customer service workers are a big part of this platform’s member base.

Jobcase’s StreetSmart products are key for local hiring, specific shift hiring, new openings, hard-to-fill locations or roles, seasonal needs, and for a strong job seeker experience. Its products strengthen an employer brand by surfacing information specific to an individual location or across many locations to reinforce opportunities or differences. These campaigns utilize everything they do from a social media platform and multi-channel approach to drive more candidates to apply. Channels used include: network of more than 100 sites powered by Jobcase, SMS, push notification, online job results and retargeting networks.

And finally, we have AudioEye, which is technology that analyzes your websites and identifies and fixes accessibility issues. The user does not need to download software, and it’s a valuable tool as you recruit for diversity and inclusion. My favorite features include a dyslexia font and customization for conditions such as colorblindness, low vision, PTSD and epilepsy.

The main aspect of our technological future to keep in mind when it comes to recruitment marketing is that the candidate experience begins with the first website click and ends with the first day on the job. The key is to take the knowledge and statistics, and then leverage technology to obtain quality candidates better and faster. After all, the goal is to convert interest into a hire.


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