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6 Simple Tips That Will Help Make You A Social Media Stud

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You don’t have to be a marketing guru to know that social media is one of the greatest tools that you have to build your personal or professional brand.

However, using it effectively may be harder than you think. Here are 6 simple tips that will help make you a social media stud in the eyes of your followers:

1. Develop A Schedule And Stick To It

Wouldn’t it be annoying if your favorite tv show decided to run new episodes at a different time every week? Of course it would, so why would you do that to your followers? Create a social media schedule in order to make sure that you are posting when your followers are expecting to see your content. Set strict deadlines to make sure that your content is ready to be posted at the same time on the same days in order to give your readers and followers something to look forward to.

2. Post At Peak Times

Speaking of scheduling, make sure to post your content at the right times of day to reach the followers you want to target. It’s hard to grow your following if the people you are trying to reach are sleeping or at work! The time of day to post varies depending on your content and platform, but a great reference to check out is CoSchedule’s Guide to Posting for new users.

 3. Use Multiple Forms Of Media

When you post on a platform such as Twitter or Facebook, you only have a second or two to catch the user’s eye before they scroll past your post and onto the next one. In fact, according to a study done by Hubspot, Tweets are 150% more likely and Facebook posts are 230% more likely to be engaged with when paired with an image. Use pictures, memes or gifs if you’re posting on Facebook or Twitter and charts or statistics if you’re posting on LinkedIn to captivate the interest of the user and get them to spend more time viewing your content. These things are important when it comes to blogs too! Nobody wants to sit and read a block of text that looks like it came from a legal book. Get creative and keep them interested in your content and they’ll be coming back for more.

4. Hashtag Correctly

No matter how good your content is, you won’t be able to gain many followers without using appropriate hashtags and keywords. Make sure that your hashtag is relevant to your post, short in length and that you only use a few. While it may seem beneficial to hashtag every relevant topic you can think of, quality followers come from a targeted audience.

5. Post Relevant Content

If your social media pages are all about home ownership, post about home ownership! People follow your pages to learn about a certain topic and when you begin to stray away from that topic you lose followers. However, it is in your best interest to talk about a variety of ideas within an industry or topic so that you do not end up restating the same posts multiple times. Find your niche and talk about all of the happenings in it.

6. Interact With Your Audience

One of the most effective ways to keep your audience coming back to your content is to respond to questions and comments that they leave. People want to feel like they are being heard and creating a conversation with followers can sometimes get more traction than the original post. One of the best accounts to see this in action is Wendy’s who have grown their following through their humorous, yet helpful responses.

What other tips and tricks have you found when working with your social media pages? Is there anything you would recommend to new users? Let us know on our Facebook page and don’t forget to check out 5 Tips To Ace Your Interview!



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