Facebook Gets a Facelift

by Emily Pirraglia

7 March, 2013

Facebook’s updated news feed combines the intimate nature of Instagram and clean design of Google+ to create a user experience focused on visuals, personal curation and consistency. Check out how their redesign will impact your Facebook experience:

Lots of Visuals: The redesign focuses on visual storytelling by enlarging photos, albums and videos in the news feed. Content about individuals and pages now include a section of their cover photo and timeline, and shared articles display a bigger image, longer summary and the publisher’s logo.

Choice of Feeds: Tired of reading romantic updates from high school acquaintances? The news feed features additional filters that give users more control over the type of content they see. Users can sort feeds chronologically, create feeds exclusively for the pages they follow and curate their homepage to include updates from the publications, artists and public figures they care about.

It’s still unclear what impact the design will have on a page’s exposure in the news feed; however, the changes will allow all page updates to be featured on the pages-only feed.

Consistency Across Platforms: By increasing the size of pictures and videos in the news feed, Facebook focuses on improving the mobile usability of the site. The new Facebook app for phones and tablets also embraces a streamlined, clean design, and will closely match the Web version of Facebook.

Facebook plans to introduce the changes to its website today, and will implement the redesign for its mobile apps in the coming weeks.