The Arland Group is a boutique creative agency. We want to ask you an important question. Would you rather work with people who want to work with you? Or, would you rather work with people, who work for people, who make them work with you?

Gibberish Doesn’t Fly

by Erin Canetta

6 September, 2013

The last time it was my turn to write this blog, I had absolutely nothing I wanted to say. So instead of making up gibberish just to fill a spot on our site, I did as my daughter did today when she forgot her homework last night and I flew under the radar. I’m happy, but not proud to say I pulled it off (I think).

I was reminded of that same feeling—of not necessarily knowing what to say—when a client came to me the other day to design an ad concept for them and gave me a ton of other examples of what their competitors are doing. I wondered do we really want to just say what everyone else is saying which eventually waters down to nothing? Or do we want venture into the deeply creative process and come up with an entirely unique and effective message? I’m proud to say, we at TAG, never take the first option.

I’ve realized in the last weeks that our team has a unique way of turning out a message. We talk about the project, get excited, get stressed, knock our heads together, get excited again, possibly argue, then get inspired, then excited yet again, back to the creative, wildly inspired and presto! After all of that, we definitely deliver a message and most of the time it’s a bulls-eye. To be effective in this business is to commit to the process of self-emersion and, although you feel like you got out of a dryer when you’re done, it’s a ride that we all take together and by which we grow.

I’m proud to say that I’m the first hire at TAG and I’ve seen the bumps of a growing company. In terms one of our newest clients, B/E Aerospace, can appreciate—we’ve gone from the Wright Bros. to a Boeing 777. And like the aerospace industry, we are always seeking to improve on our past success. Reflecting upon my earlier statement, I don’t think refusing to turn out gibberish is necessarily flying under the radar. It’s just a refusal to be disingenuous. And at TAG, we always deliver a genuine message.

Don’t Listen to What They Tell You

by Keith Seiz

26 July, 2013

Pick up any business magazine or read any professional or creative blog, and you’re guaranteed to find an article about the importance of “disconnecting.” How removing yourself from your smart phone, social media, email and the Internet is a good thing. Your creativity and productivity will be rejuvenated, so these articles say.


I just came back from a four-day period of disconnect on the beaches of Mexico, and I feel no more creative or productive. In fact, less so. I create for a living, whether it’s content, concepts or strategies. I’m inspired and motivated by the thousands of pieces of content I digest daily from websites, Twitter, newspapers, magazines and emails.

The world inspires me to be productive and creative, and today’s world is digitally connected. For me, it’s preposterous to disconnect in order to reconnect to the core of your creative and productive life. Connecting even more is what’s going to engage me with my work, clients and tasks at hand.

The more I learn and digest, the more I’m equipped to deal with clients, work and projects that run the gamut from Chinese broadband conglomerates to insurance companies.

So, next time you’re on vacation and see that person sitting on the beach with a Corona in one hand and a smart phone in the other, don’t look down on him or her or chastise them for not being able to disconnect. They might be digesting content that will help them change the word, or at the very least, get more beverage processors to use honey.

One Year Down!

by Kathy Black

12 December, 2012

It is true. I have been at The Arland Group for one year. The actual date is 12/12/12; I even get a pretty cool anniversary date!

Things that were foreign to me a year ago are becoming a normal part of my day. That overwhelming feeling that hit me almost daily for the first 6 months has subsided and only happens once every couple of weeks now. Some days are more hectic than others and I am still learning, but this year has been pretty amazing and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

We have semi-officially moved into a bigger office across the hall; our headquarters has been relocated to St. Louis; three new members have been added to the team; and projects keep rolling in. Weeks fly by and weekends seem to move at the speed of light. July seems like it happened yesterday and yet here we are looking forward to Christmas.

Being a part of a creative, focused, successful and driven group of dedicated people is just as much fun as it sounds, and I am looking forward to a fantastic 2013!

Keith and his family love IHOP. Upon a recent visit to their local library they happened upon a silent auction where local businesses each sponsored a tree. On that tree, besides the great ornaments, were gift cards. Keith scored the gift cards and the perfect office tree, which will greet people alongside Kathy in her new office.[/caption]