The Arland Group is a boutique creative agency. We want to ask you an important question. Would you rather work with people who want to work with you? Or, would you rather work with people, who work for people, who make them work with you?

Reflections and Resolutions

by Ryan Stene

7 February, 2013

As I enter my fifth month of being with TAG and embark on my first blog post for the company, I can’t believe how fast time flies when you are having fun at job that you love to do. I am amazed each day by the talent that our group is gifted with—the commitments that we have for our clients and helping them achieve their goals.

2013 is going to be a big year for me personally and professionally; I have set for myself some “resolutions” that I hope to accomplish but also maintain. With one month into the New Year down, some of us have already broken those resolutions and some have been accomplished.
For me February is a time to refocus on my goals and ensure that I am on track. Within talent acquisition or recruiting, the TAG team and I have come up with five resolutions that companies MUST focus on and achieve if they want to hire the top talent for ’13.

1. Employment Branding & Candidate Engagement
We see this on everyone’s radar in the beginning of every year, but then like a lot of resolutions, get quickly passed over due to budgets or changes in plan. Branding and engagement, if not made a priority, can affect everything that you do if not focused on as a part of your tradecraft. This should be considered as one of the key foundation blocks for your strategy.

2. Mobile
We are in the age of technology; the phones are getting bigger and the tablets are getting smaller. I recently saw someone use the tag line of the “Phablet” and I thought it was genius. It will be the devices that we all will carry around with tablet and phone features. In a recent survey 85 percent of seekers want to view, apply and receive opportunities via their mobile device. Unfortunately, there are companies that don’t even have a mobile optimized site and ATS vendors that can offer the mobile apply experience. Luckily for us there are vendors out there that can give us the functionality we need at an affordable price. Don’t lose out on valuable talent by not giving consumers multiple ways to connect with you.

3. Social Media
For those who were waiting for the social bubble to burst—its time to find your next Mayan doomsday date—social is here to stay. Eighty-eight percent of the Fortune 1000 companies that were polled said they would be using Facebook to advertise their jobs in 2013. Social can be one of the most inexpensive and effective tools for you this year—it is branding, engagement, advertising and talent community and rolled up into one for you. If you’re not in, dip your toes in. If you are in it, expand and take some risks. Social as of source of hiring nearly tripled in 2012.

4. Consulting Services/ Vendor Management
Since I have had the pleasure of being both on the agency/consulting side and on the job board side, I have now seen all the games and tactics used; some are effective and some are absurd and morally wrong. Leaders in our industry that have very complex and time consuming jobs don’t always have the time to understand and follow all the latest tools, metrics and vendors that are out there. Please take the time to slow down and surround yourself with the correct people. I hate to see my friends and leaders get hurt!

5. Employee Referral Program
This should be a priority every year and your No. 1 source of hire. but in ’13 think about giving it a facelift—new ways to engage your employees, put more emphasis on it, engage upper management to take part and make it mobile friendly.


Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

by The Arland Group

30 August, 2011

Let’s face it, we live in a world where success is measured in tweets per second, likes per post, and daily page views. This can seem intimidating and sometimes incredibly frustrating when orchestrating a social media campaign. I find that very often at the core of these frustrations is impatience and a lack of understanding of how to really build a successful network.

When The Arland Group launches a social media campaign, we try to really stress that social media is a slow build process that yields huge results. It’s something that needs to grow, requires a strategy and constant evaluation. Makes sense right? The concept is easy to swallow, but as I stated earlier we live in a fast paced world that craves quick results.

To put it in perspective, let me give you an example of another area where the quick results approach doesn’t work. The weight loss industry capitalizes on this concept only to leave consumers searching for another quick fix in the end. Consumers are on this cycle, even though they know weight loss is achieved by simply cutting calories and increasing activity. The problem is that lasting results take time and patience and it’s hard to have to wait for the end result.

Now, I’m not trying to say losing weight and social media are one in the same, but I am stressing that it’s often easy to focus on seeing big results too soon and lose sight of your real goal. That’s why it’s important to remember that we’re here to give you the tools for success and implement a social media plan that will, in time, allow you to reap lasting rewards!

Happy Designers Produce Amazing Work – Thank you PSAV : )

by Jonathan Galbreath

13 January, 2011

There are 100s, 1,000s … 10s of thousands of amazing designers in the United States alone. How many are relevant? How many are practical? How many do you trust?

You’ve been through several agencies and there hasn’t been a good fit, yet. You’ve saved the last 50k of your VC money to find and hire the most talented agency on the planet.

We’ll be honest with whoever knocks on our door. You can hire The Arland Group because we are reliable, intelligent and trustworthy. But, if our work isn’t beautiful … really, what’s the point. We encourage all of our prospective clients to “shop the look”. We DO produce amazing results for our clients because we are very talented folks, but most importantly because OUR CLIENTS TRUST US.

You fancy yourself as a great designer, photographer, social media guru? You just might be. But, you’ve knocked on our door and you’ve put your trust in The Arland Group. Now, let go and enjoy the experience.

Our design team doesn’t always focus on being “Out of the Box”: We’d rather “change what the box looks like”.

Take for instance one of our favorite clients: PSAV

When PSAV contracted us to imagine their employment branding and recruitment website … we were ecstatic.

PSAV needed a simple tagline that expressed a fast-paced, demanding, exciting lifestyle that is a PSAV associate. “You’re On.” not only harks back to “showtime”, it says “you’re the (wo)man”. You are in control. You are in the drivers seat. You contol your success.

BOLD is what our design team had in the back of their minds when conceptualizing PSAV’s career website. PSAV’ers are techy and fast paced – they embrace the latest in social networking and technology, thus Real-time Twitter feeds. To our best knowledge, no other recruitment website has taken this approach. We also built microsites to better target segments of PSAV’s employment initiatives: Another first in the industry.

Of yeah … and it doesn’t end there …

Kudos to all at PSAV for “changing what the box looks like”!