The Arland Group is a boutique creative agency. We want to ask you an important question. Would you rather work with people who want to work with you? Or, would you rather work with people, who work for people, who make them work with you?

A Lasting Lesson

by Erin Canetta

13 December, 2013

Early this week I flew to St. Louis to spend a day working with some of the team. Our main goal was to talk about some of our largest projects coming up in 2014. I realized quickly that I did not bring the right notebook. I definitely needed something with a lot more writing room. Our next year already is starting off at a fast pace and it’s so exciting.

One of the many projects we discussed and are excited about working on is the beverage side of the business with The National Honey Board. We sat and researched what honey does to the fermentation process of beer, and in a very short time we realized it alters it quite a bit by increasing the alcohol content and smoothing out the bitterness. We learned about the craft beer market and how those businesses have been built. And we discussed how we help craft beer producers become more aware of the benefits of adding honey to their product.

When I got home from my trip, my daughter Grace—who is in fourth grade—asked me how going to school really helps her prepare for the business world. She was having a hard time relating what I was saying about my trip to what she does everyday at school. I asked her, “Does your teacher put your class into small groups with a goal or a task at hand and you have to work on it together?” She said, “Yes, all the time.” I told her, “That’s exactly what I did in St. Louis (I gave her the above example about The National Honey Board). I worked with the team and everyone brought something to the table and everyone was given a job to do.” I took the opportunity to tell her, “When you’re in those small groups, take them seriously and don’t let your team down. This is something you will do when you’re a businesswoman so always do the work and don’t look at as free time.” It was one of those rare moments as a parent when I looked in her face and felt I may have told her something she’d never forget.

It was so nice to sit in a room and brainstorm with the great minds of TAG this week. Everyone is excited and personally invested in doing a wonderful job for our clients this coming year. Going into the holiday season when you reflect upon what you’re thankful for—I’m thankful for the great people I get to work with everyday, the interesting and creative work we get to do and how I can share that experience my children. Happy Holidays!