Big City Inspiration

by Emily Pirraglia

9 October, 2013

Emily_NewYorkAt The Arland Group, everyone plays a part in inspiring new ideas. Some of my favorite, inspiring moments have been brainstorming sessions at the St. Louis office, sharing favorite gifs with coworkers and visiting local businesses with our team to get a new perspective.

As much as I enjoy how dynamic our workplace is, sometimes it takes stepping out of my usual environment to feel newly inspired. Recently, I had the chance to do just that when I went to New York City with Deb and Jason to meet with a client. The trip was a whirlwind experience that involved a little bit of sightseeing and a lot of sushi eating and interviewing. Along the way, my experiences reminded me of one thing: it’s all about the details.

People like New York City for its history, culture, opportunity and raw display of humanity. But, I believe that people love the place for the way these elements come together to create a detailed, profound city experience. From the people to the architecture to the culture, everything gives off an intense “New York” impression.

For the 48 hours we were in New York, this commitment to details and energy was inspiring to see in a city. The trip was a great way for me to change perspective for a short while and trigger new creative inspiration.