Does Your Trailer Have WiFi?

by Keith Seiz

28 May, 2010

That is the first question my colleague asked as we arrived at our office for the day: a construction trailer. I’ve worked in many environments in my career, including:

  1. A trailer
  2. An office, including a home office and work office
  3. My home, my parent’s home, my in-law’s home
  4. In the corner of a high-volume bakery
  5. My car
  6. Libraries in Branson, Missouri, and Benton, Kentucky
  7. An airplane
  8. Restaurants, ranging from coffee shops and cafes to McDonald’s and Applebee’s
  9. Hotel rooms throughout the U.S., the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium
  10. On a boat

My favorite place to work: my home office. My least favorite place to work: libraries in Missouri and Kentucky. The commute to these rural libraries occured in the infancy of The Arland Group, when our staff was small and every vacation we took was a “working vacation.” On many occasions, I would rush from a boat in the middle of a lake, to a library 20 miles in the town, then back out to the boat. Most stress ever. This was before smart phones were common, and business could be conducted anywhere.

This week I had another interesting work environment: surrounded by candy. I attended the Sweet & Snacks Expo for our great client, the National Honey Board, and saw some pretty amazing things, ranging from a jelly bean Mona Lisa to retro theater candy that I didn’t even think they made anymore.

Where are some of the unique places you have worked?