Engaging the Next Generation of Great Marketers

by Keith Seiz

31 January, 2013

I just got back from visiting my old high school, where I was asked to speak about “what I do” to a class of juniors and seniors in a Sports and Entertainment Marketing class.

I love speaking in front of people. It’s one of the favorite parts of my job. I’m passionate about what I do, and I love telling clients and anyone who will listen about marketing and branding. But speaking in front of high school kids was a whole new ball game. They were engaged (at least most of them), and asked good questions, but it was difficult for me to get any read on if my message was effective. No one stuffed me in a locker on my way out, so I guess something of value was conveyed.

What I learned from the experience is how quickly the next generation of marketers will be ready to take my job. Social media is such a significant part of my job, and every kid I spoke to probably has just as much experience using these tools as I do. By the time they are primed for the workforce, they won’t need work experience because to them, the tools of content delivery are part of everyday life.

I’m not even sure if they need to go to college to realize a career as a successful marketer. I’m not selling my profession short, just coming to the realization that content is marketing, and high school kids consume an obscene amount of content on a daily basis. By the time they are ready to start their careers, they will already understand the tools needed to disseminate the message.

They may not know how to craft the message, and maybe that’s where us “dinosaurs” will maintain employment.