by Ryan McRyhew

11 June, 2010

When I’m not greasing the gears behind The Arland Group’s websites, I’m typically tending to another love of mine… creating music.  I recently embarked on a 15 day East Coast tour with my wife and our project Hideous Men. In retrospect driving from Denver to Boston in a Ford F-150 with five passengers coupled with sleeping on strangers’ floors every night seems almost insane, but the experience was energizing. The tour consisted of venues that were ran by artists who transformed old dilapidated warehouses into homes and creative spaces. Imagine that line between Mad Max and Andy Warhol if there were such a thing, and you might envision what some of these places look like.  A venue in Chicago which has monthly installations recently installed an entire playground on it’s third floor, which consisted of a swingset, faux forest, full size ice cream truck, and an assortment of other gems from our childhoods. It was a very unique environment to play in to say the least!

In 15 days we played in Denver, Lawrence, Kansas City, Chicago, East Moline, Philadelphia, Winooskie, Boston, Brooklyn, Manhatten, Baltimore, New Haven, St. Louis… nearly as tiring to type as it was to travel. Waking up in a new city everyday takes some what of an adjustment, but meeting new people who love your music makes it all worth while.  We are so grateful to everyone who came out and danced and bought our merch to keep us going.  As much as we enjoy life at home, we can’t wait to get back on the road!