How Long Does an Employment Brand Last?

by Jonathan Galbreath

27 January, 2012

Well, there is no answer.  But, I do have a great analogy – milk.

When does milk go bad?

Milk goes bad, when milk goes bad.  Milk doesn’t expire on a given date. If I could squeeze a few more hundred dollars out of your wallet during a year by telling you that your milk expires a week early…would I do that? No, that would be wrong. But, not everyone is an “Arlander.”

Where does your milk come from?

For most of us, it’s not from our backyard. So, who is suppling your milk and where is it coming from? How did it get from A to B? Choose someone that knows milk. “Arlanders”, are farmers, distributors and retailers in just about every part of the country. Sometimes, we’re even the cow.

What is the average shelf-life of milk?

Milk does have a shelf-life. If someone gives you a definitive answer, run for the hills. Milk will eventually spoil.  But, how do you know when? Sometimes you can just look at it and know. Sometimes it’s best to ask, “Hey, could you smell this and let me know what you think?” Ask us. We’ll be as honest as the day is long.

What do I do with spoiled milk?

Most of us would throw it away and get some new milk? I might get the same old skim or 2%, but maybe I should be drinking whole milk! Maybe it’s better for my health. Or, maybe I should drink soy milk or almond milk? How do I know what’s best for me? Most of the world drinks goat milk, why don’t we drink it? Let’s talk. Maybe you’re just fine? Maybe you could turn the spoiled milk in to yogurt, cream cheese or custard pudding. Sound good?

So, don’t have a cow. Just talk to someone who has one or two.

Milk is organic and so should your employment brand be. Times change. Attitudes change. Technology changes. A cow is still a cow.