How Well Do You Know Your Co-Workers?

by Deb Andrychuk

25 October, 2013

Since I’ve moved to the “Lou” I’ve gained insight into our team and what makes The Arland Group different. My team is an amazing and eclectic group! Every day that I interact with them, I am reminded that our uniqueness is what makes our work stand out. Here’s what I have learned about each of our St. Louis peeps:

Jason Wood, Founder & President of The Arland Group & Arland Sports: Jason is really smart and a tad bossy. You can be bossy when you are in charge. All kidding aside, he is a great leader with a head for problem solving and entrepreneurial endeavors. He always is thinking of new ways to improve our services and grow our business. In addition, he is one of the most thoughtful and giving people I know and works harder than anyone I have ever met. Jason makes machines look bad because he can work such long hours without tiring. Jason loves baseball, Billy Joel and Abe Lincoln—in that order.

Keith Seiz, Founder & VP of Operations: This guy is our orchestra leader. Without Keith, our world would just shut down; he literally is the axis we spin on. Keith also is our hero when it comes to working out. He is the most dedicated runner and cyclist I have ever met. Just last week, he ran 20 miles while in Vegas for work. I chuckle at the mere thought of running 20 miles. I would need two weeks and a family of bears chasing me to run that far. No, let’s be honest—I would just give up and let the bears eat me. He’s amazing and he’s in great shape. I hate him.

Kathy Black, Account Manager/ Admin: Kathy is the mom that we all wish we had growing up.  She’s kind and sweet and has that soothing voice that could put a super cranky teething baby to sleep in five minutes. She does so much that I need another blog post to outline her job. In a nutshell, she juggles a lot of responsibility. And, her free counseling sessions have saved all of us thousands of dollars. She truly has missed her calling in life. #Therapist

Alyssa Stahr, Content Marketing Manager & Writer Extraordinaire: Alyssa writes content for TAG and manages our clients’ social media accounts. Alyssa is a social butterfly and her dance card is always full of fun events like singing karaoke, running, going to concerts and attending local festivals here in St. Louis. I’m downright exhausted after reading her Facebook feed. Alyssa made the cut immediately when I found out that she has an unhealthy passion for Peyton Manning and loves the Indianapolis Colts. With Peyton playing for Denver, we have bonded over our new found love for the Broncos! She also has a dog, Maddux, who is the main man in her life and could be a relative of my dog, Rocco.

Emily Pirraglia, Account Manager & Social Media Expert: Emily is a physical oxymoron. She is the skinniest person I know, yet she can eat more than any person I have ever met. She makes me feel good because no matter what I cook, she will eat it and tell me it is delicious. Emily should have her own show on TV teaching Americans how to be better consumers because I have never seen anyone who can make a dollar stretch like Emily. She doesn’t separate her two-ply toilet paper (yet), but if the end of the world is at hand, I want to end up in a shelter with Emily because she is so resourceful.

So that’s the story of our team in the city of toasted ravs, gooey butter cake and Cardinals’ baseball. I can’t wait to hear their thoughts on me, but again, that’s another blog post for another day. I couldn’t make it a week without them and appreciate all that they do for me professionally and personally. They are my work family and I love them!