It’s About Time…

by Keith Seiz

24 May, 2010

Since founding The Arland Group five years ago, Jason Wood, Jonathan Galbreath and myself have always put the client first. Their websites took priority over our website. Their public relations efforts were more important than ours.

Our line of thinking was that the customer’s needs came before our needs as an agency. It turns out we were right. In five years, our client list has expanded, our revenues have grown and what once was a three-man design house now includes nine full-time team members. We’ve weathered, and in fact, thrived, during one of the most difficult economies any of us have ever faced, and we have produced some amazing creative work.

Which brings us to today, May 24, 2010. It is time to start paying a little more attention to The Arland Group. Obviously, we will provide the same customer service and creative excellence that we always have, but it’s time to start talking a little bit about what we do, the industries we participate in, and how we can contribute to the advancement of the relationship between agencies like The Arland Group and the businesses we serve.

We have filled our roster with key opinion leaders, and we plan on using this blog to share our industry expertise in creative, talent acquisition, website design, print advertising and everything else we do. But it won’t be all business. We also will be writing about our clients, our lives outside of The Arland Group and perhaps most importantly, what inspires us.

We hope you enjoy the writing, learn something and get inspired to advance your business.