Living On Deadline

by Erin Canetta

25 April, 2011

Sometimes I wonder if I’m a insane to have chosen a career of perpetual deadline. Every time it’s the same—a magazine’s ad sales close and then the baton is handed to me and from there it’s a mad dash to the printer.

Every story taunts me to create something amazing in record speed. I get myself good and nervous about all the work that has to happen in a short period of time.  Then find a moment’s pause and start to read the stories, waiting for something to jump out of the text and trigger an idea. And you know what, it always does.

Fortunately for me, I work with an incredible group of editors and their words inspire my creativity. Their words become visual in my head and I become their interpreter. It’s an intricate relationship between editor and designer. They do their research, conduct their interviews and write something they hope someone takes the time to read AND it’s my job to make sure most people do.

When that bond takes place something interesting happens—the advertisers start to respond. They want to be in a story that is compelling, and most of all, something their customers want to read. NOW editorial, sales and design are all working together in complete harmony and we have created something that benefits an industry and makes an impact.

It’s this relationship that I remind myself of when I’m on deadline and want to pull my hair out. To be a part of something where everyone has their chance at a center-stage, yet we all work together, is extremely fulfilling. But the ultimate reward is to hold that completed piece in your hands and know you had a major roll in making it happen. Not everyone can say they have a rewarding job but I can. Even if it drives me to the brink of insanity sometimes, I’d rather live on deadline than never again create another magazine.