Making Noise

by Keith Seiz

17 August, 2011

Since Jason, Jonathan and myself founded The Arland Group in 2006, we have always been hesitant to make noise. We let our work speak for itself, and more importantly, we let our clients speak for us. Their referrals have been more than enough to build our firm from a three-person shop to a successful agency with nine exceptionally smart people.

Despite tripling in head count and growing sales (and profits!) every year, we have by and large remained a silent agency. We revel internally upon the successful completion of a branding project. We celebrate exceptional design jobs not by applying for awards, but by treating ourselves and our colleagues to a Belgian ale or bottle of wine.

And that will never change. The Arland Group will always focus on promoting our clients and not ourselves. It’s what makes us happy.

But, at a recent meeting among Arlanders, the topic of  “making more noise” came up, and it led to a very interesting discussion about who we are as an agency. For so long, we shied away from this question, mainly because we thought it would create an unnecessary us vs. them slide on our sales deck. And we’re not an us vs. them type of agency.

But as Arlanders, we’re a lot more comfortable in our skin now going into six years of business. And as a result, we have decided to start making just a tad bit of noise, mainly on this blog or through our Facebook and Twitter pages ( and

We’re very proud of what we have accomplished as an agency, and although with quite a bit of hesitation, it’s something we’re going to start talking about a little more.