Making the Magic Happen with Millennials in the Workforce

by Alyssa Stahr

22 December, 2017

Whether you’re excited to talk about millennials or view the word as a curse, the fact is that millennials are here in full force and here to stay. The Arland Group’s Vice President of Operations and Client Success, Stephanie Silvey, recently spoke at DisruptHR Talks St. Louis about the stereotypes, where they came from and how employers can win with millennials.

During her “Making the Magic Happen” speech, Silvey said that millennials are defined as the “special snowflakes” who are born between 1980 and the year 2000. They are roughly between 18 and 34 years of age, and within fewer than 10 years they are going to make up more than 75 percent of the workforce. Millennials are a defining generation in today’s workforce, and employers should note that strategies may need to change for future success.

In her research, some of the most popular stereotypes Silvey gathered regarding millennials included:

While the stereotypes don’t paint millennials in the best light, Silvey said that understanding them will help employers manage them better. She said that retirees are leaving a gaping hole in the workforce, in fact, according to an AARP poll, 48 percent of companies say they have no strategic plan for when baby boomers exit the workforce.

So, how do we manage millennials? Here are some key takeaways from Silvey:

While money isn’t the No. 1 factor when millennials are considering a new job, it is important. And, since time is money, learning what makes a millennial tick could be key to your future success.