New TAG Team Member Says #Hello

by Stephanie Silvey

28 January, 2014

I’m the newbie. Account manager at The Arland Group. Wearer of many hats. Deb’s wingwoman. Stalker on LinkedIn. Fearer of bugs and all things that crawl, hiss and aren’t human or household pets … that includes kids. Frugal wife and obsessive mom to my fur baby. Speaker in hashtag even though I’m new to Tweeting. Firm believer that leggings are pants. #I’mStephanieSilvey #NiceToMeetYou.

My first day on the job was spent with Deb and Keith, driving to Ohio for a week of meetings with some of our biggest clients. Talk about an introduction! They talked in acronyms that I’ve either never heard of or I had to spend a few minutes trying to decipher myself. They use an ATS to XYZ and CRM their LMNOP.  Even the company name is abbreviated to TAG. The only acronyms I bring to the table are ATM and the BTK Killer. #Morbid? I’ve got a lot to learn, but the road so far has been an enjoyable whirlwind.

I left my comfy job as a recruiter after two and a half years to join the world of employment branding, advertising, social media and literally all things marketing. Normal people would be all WTH but I’m more in line with NBD. I think I’m going to fit right into this place. Either that, or they will tell me TTYL.