Old is New Again: Effective Brochure, Flyer Elements

by Ryan Stene

9 July, 2013

Over the last 90 days or so, I have had several clients and prospects who want to have conversations around refreshing the collateral and brochures that they hand out to candidates. In this digital age, it made me think. Was what was once an old school approach getting attention again?

The desire for a crisp look and the need to be able to hand out something that is effective, clean and intriguing have been some of the reasons for the recent discussions. For us at The Arland Group, this is something that we can accomplish with great success. We succeed when clients are struggling to get across their message in a short and effective manner. Clients love it because it something that is very affordable and a quick project.

This got me to thinking—what are the top five elements needed to make an effective talent acquisition brochure or flyer?

  1. Creditability—Candidates expect to be able to receive something from the company that allows them to understand the business and who you are hiring.
  2. Time-Saving—Candidates want printed material to take home and read at their leisure. Yes, you can direct them to your career site, but a brochure adds a personal touch, tells your candidates what your company offers and why you are an employer of choice.
  3. Motivate Your Audience—The content has to be engaging, otherwise what’s the point? But, you also have to motivate your audience to take an action. Do you insert a QR code that takes them to a landing page or your career site? Do you have them text a number to receive updates via SMS?
  4. Have Fun With It—Who says the flyer has to be a standard size? Are you a paint company? Make the flyer in the shape of paint can or something that is tied to your business.
  5. Make it a Keeper—Putting helpful information inside the flyer can make it a lasting impression. If you are in the food service industry, provide a $5 coupon at the bottom of the last page. Provide job seeker tips—interviewing, cover letters, etc. Readers will continue to reference your brochure even if they didn’t get the job.

When is the last time you refreshed your content? If you haven’t in the last 18 months you better get on it—because your competition is.