Olympics are for Boys

by Kathy Black

30 July, 2012

“Olympics are for boys” Crushing words heard by a father from his two year old daughter. Historically the Olympics have been for male athletes alone and women were expected to cheer the men along from the stands. It has been a long road and a major accomplishment for women to be able to compete along side their male counterparts on the largest sporting stage in the world. So for all of the little girls out there, who still have yet to realize that girls can do anything boys can do here are some Olympic Women’s Facts:

Women participated in the Olympics for the first time at the 1900 Paris Games. The only events available were lawn tennis and golf. American, Margaret Abbott, claimed the gold in golf and became the first American woman to take home a Gold medal. Many events were added as the years passed including: swimming in 1912, women’s athletics and gymnastics debuted at the1928 games, women’s shooting events were first included in 1984 and the 2000 games added weightlifting.
This year, at the 2012 London summer games, women’s boxing has been added resulting in no remaining Olympic sports that do not include events for women.

Another historic moment that comes with this year’s games, every nation that is represented at the games will have a female athlete. This is the first time in history that every competing nation will have female representation.

All of the hard work and dedication that women athletes have put forth comes down to a moment where dreams of Olympic gold either come true or are put on hold for the next 4 years when the opportunity to stand on the world’s stage of sports presents itself again.

The Arland Group wishes all of the athletes competing in the games “Good Luck” and will be cheering on “Team USA” both men and women athletes!!