Pride and Purpose: A Look at Brink’s

by Zachary Dodson

19 December, 2016

What started in 1859 with a single horse-drawn wagon in Chicago has grown into a global operation with thousands of team members. Brink’s is the world’s leader in secure logistics, connecting banks and businesses with solutions that keep money and valuables safe.

With that legacy in mind, we moved to modernize Brink’s with an employer brand that brings the company’s career opportunities to the top of today’s candidates’ minds. We worked with the company to create a brand that combines deep history with forward thinking.

As with any brand we build, we started by listening. We held conversations with people throughout the company—from Drivers to Cashiers, executives to recruiters. And in those talks, we heard a consistent narrative. Everyone at Brink’s felt like they were part of something greater. They were carrying on a tradition older than themselves. And, through the work they did every day, they were building on that tradition. They were proud. And that became the essence of our messaging.

It’s the way we walk into a room. It’s the confidence we have in our work. It’s our motivation to perform at the highest level. It’s Brink’s Pride. You’ll find it when you step into any of our 1,400 global locations. You’ll find people who respect our 150-year-old legacy and are passionate about the future. You’ll find your team.

With a completed Employer Value Proposition to anchor our messaging, we then got more specific, identifying the elements that hold up Brink’s Proud. We went back to our research and found four common themes people brought up when they talked about their jobs: Service, Team, Trust and Industry Leadership. So, when candidates ask, “What’s different about a career at Brink’s,” we have an answer.

We have an immense responsibility to the banks and businesses we serve. They rely on us to secure their cash and protect their valuables. If we don’t perform, they can’t operate. It’s this necessity that motivates us to work with honesty and integrity.

We don’t take our responsibility lightly. From the ATMs we fill to the banks we service, our work has a direct impact on the global economy. We’re keeping modern finance moving. And, we’re proud to be doing it.

Every brand we build starts with a pursuit for honestly and authenticity. Although this can be a lengthy process, the result is always a concept that’s unique to your company and compelling to your candidates. Learn more about branding at The Arland Group.