Recognizing Subtle Significance

by Erin Canetta

29 November, 2011

As the year winds down I realize I’m really going to miss 2011. It was a good year for no one big reason but rather for realization of so many special reasons. I don’t know if it’s age or wisdom or what but this year more than ever I’ve found joy in the subtle significance of life.

My baby girl Vivienne, with her bounds of energy, has made me realize that 10 minutes of quiet while staring out the window with a cup of tea is magic. Now with my 7-year-old approaching chin height I’ve realized she’s growing up very fast and I need to really value our enlightening conversations on the way to school.  The realization that I get to wake up everyday and work in an environment that is always supportive, encouraging and challenging is extremely fulfilling.

I was looking though our colleague, Jonathan’s, photographs from India that he’s been posting on facebook and he captures that subtlety of the moment in the faces and places he photographed. Living in fast-paced world we are often living in the moment that is ahead of us rather than living in the guaranteed moment we’re standing in. Jonathan picked out many of those “now moments” that most people miss and few would think to capture with a camera.

I think we approach our clients and their products the same way at TAG. On every phone call, conference call and meeting and at every level we are fully present and absorbing our client’s reality and the significance their product offers. We ingest and digest it so we can pick out the seed or seeds that make their product invaluable to their potential customer. Something worth investing in is rarely made up of one big bang but rather consists of many subtle yet important layers that fit into a person’s day to make their job or life easier or more enriched. And it’s the subtle significance at TAG that we focus on, blow up and make real. Once something is made real, its significance becomes intuitive.

So no major big bang in 2011 for me but many, many real moments have made this year worth remembering.