Rock Star Dad

by Erin Canetta

18 June, 2010

One of the many concerns parents deal with is that their daughter will someday marry a guy in a band (no offense Ryan). So when I was 19-years-old and told my parents that my “oh so cool” boyfriend was a guitar player in a band, they were less than pleased. Both thought—or should I say, “hoped”—it was a fleeting attraction that would end as quickly as it started. Imagine their surprise when I said I was marrying this guy.

Well, sixteen years and two daughters later, we’re still going strong and he still plays a mean guitar. Needless to say, he did not end up becoming the next big rock hero but that doesn’t mean he’s not a hero. Not unlike The Arland Group, he turned out to have many different layers and one is that he’s an awesome dad. He’s the one who always makes sure Grace takes her vitamin or that she washes her hands before dinner and he stops to listen to everything she has to say (and she says a lot). He’s the one who gives Vivienne her bedtime bottle and puts her to sleep every night and he rarely tries to get out of changing a diaper. He never misses a day of work, a birthday, school play or a chance to show his family how much we all mean to him. And although all the ladies may not think he’s a star, he has three girls who wouldn’t know what to do without him.

Moral of my story: Whether it be in business or your personal life, sometimes it’s worth taking a chance on the less popular choice . You might get a whole lot more than you thought was possible.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Rock Star Dads out there!