Setting Goals for the New Year

by Emily Pirraglia

15 January, 2014

We’re already halfway through January, which means that most well-meaning resolutions have already been hastily shoved under the rug. This year, though, I plan to take a serious stab at a few goals I’d like to achieve. Some are personal, some are professional, and all are things I plan to prioritize in 2014.

Run in a half-marathon. Before moving to St. Louis, I made it a habit to run a half-marathon every year. It wasn’t so much of a goal for me as it was a time to be with my family—my parents are avid runners and would always visit me in Austin for the half-marathon. Since moving to St. Louis, I’ve only participated in one half-marathon. It was fun, but I missed out on the experience of my family joining in. This April, I’m excited to train for and run in another St. Louis half-marathon, this time with my parents by my side.

Take the time to grow my professional skills. It’s safe to say that one of my favorite things to do is learn. I love gaining new knowledge, especially when it’s remotely related to my industry. This year, I plan to take a graphic design or page layout course to expand my proficiency with Adobe products, become Google Adwords certified, broaden my knowledge of interactive marketing campaigns and meet more people in the marketing and social media community in St. Louis.

Rely more frequently on commuting by bike. After sitting outside of REI in October for upwards of six hours to snag a great road bike at an REI garage sale, I think I’m finally ready to put it to use! Ideally, I would like to shift my work commute from driving to a combination of biking and metro. St. Louis truly is a bikeable city, and I have the added bonus of living less than a mile from a metro station. Of course, it was hard for me to imagine making this shift last week when we were in the clutches of a polar vortex! I think it just comes down to me pulling the trigger on making the change. Wish me luck!