TAG Hops on the “Freight” Train

by Jonathan Galbreath

18 June, 2010

A few months ago, The Arland Group traded it’s space on historic Pearl Street in downtown Boulder, Colorado for an eclectic loft space in Denver’s RiNo (River North) Art District.

The Taxi development gets its name as it was Checker Cabs’ former dispatch building.  Envisioned by Mickey Zeppelin of Zeppelin Development, Taxi makes every possible attempt to incorporate the building’s former identity into their own aesthetic.  Raw lumber and polished concrete, corrugated steel and pink tinted windows, mid-century modern furniture and folk art.  The lobbies and hallways still have painted lanes on the floor where the cabs used to line up for dispatch.  It’s truly an eclectic space.  So, when Mickey and White Construction decided to develop the Taxi-adjacent “Freight” project, and gave us time to sit down with the architects to design our own space, we smiled and giggled with excitement!

We “Arlanders” work in a world that we create.  Hip, professional, casual, exciting and just plain fun.  What an amazing opportunity to collaborate with talented people and create a space that is an extension who you are.

Last night, members of The Arland Group’s creative team, attended the “ground breaking” (can you have a ground breaking if you repurpose a building?) ceremony at Fuel Cafe, an amazing bistro on the Taxi property.  Remodeling of the mid-century shipping terminal will be the next evolution in creative work spaces.  It’s common spaces and amenities will promote collaboration and imagination.

The Arland Group’s space will fall nothing short of the eclectic nature here at Taxi.  Imagine: