TAG Takeaways From The State of the News Media Report

by Emily Pirraglia

22 April, 2013

The Arland Group attended the 2013 State of the News Media Report at the UMSL at Grand Center last Thursday to hear the latest reports on newspaper and broadcast media trends. Besides highlighting the details of the continuing decline of the newspaper industry, the report also reminded us of relevant topics in media.

Social Media: Facebook and Twitter users no longer use social media to simply keep in touch with friends and family. Instead, people are now using these sites to discover local and national news and entertainment. By engaging on Facebook and Twitter, users can easily find news and connect with companies that their friends share and like. Companies can reach these consumers by utilizing their online community; sponsored ads on Twitter and Facebook are most successful when they’re displayed to friends of fans and are helpful to the audience they reach.

Mobile: According to the report, many consumers do not access the Internet at home from a computer and instead rely on a mobile device to read information online. And, these consumers may be in the audience you want to reach. Understanding where your audience is and how they consume information is vital to the success of any marketing campaign. Examine your ads and creative content on all mediums to ensure that your message translates across different devices.

Television: Television may be struggling, but it is far from dead. Although we are experiencing dramatic changes in viewers’ media consumption habits, millions of people still consistently watch broadcast. To ignore them or act as though they’re no longer a valuable audience is not wise. However, in order for television media outlets to present a challenge to growing online media sources, they will need to develop innovative dissemination methods to reach and expand their viewership.