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#TAGBlog – A Love Letter

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If I were to write a love letter to my TAG people, this is what it would say:

To my clients:

Simply, thank you. But not so simply, thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you develop the strategies to help candidates fall in love with you each and every day. While I watch your relationships with candidates transform into meaningful careers, I can’t help but have a full heart.  Thank you for giving me the opportunities to be more and more creative with each new project that comes my way! I love being able to help you bring your ideas to life and seeing your company benefit from those ideas. And thank you for not only being a client but becoming much more than that to me!

To my TAG coworkers:

I’m not even sure where to start here, but I cannot imagine having a better workplace! This is truly a workplace where I am constantly laughing, pushing myself to do better, and growing as a person and as a professional. Every great relationship is built on a solid foundation of trust and I trust you all since none of you have stolen my lunches from the fridge (yet).

To TAG’s vendors:

You can’t change my mind that every great company has equally great vendors behind them.  With each vendor comes a unique experience and a unique tool to engage with and learn about. Each of you continue to be a pleasure to work with and you keep me constantly wanting to learn more about my industry, about the solutions you offer and your companies. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me and TAG and continue to do!

I’ve heard that love makes the world go ‘round, but love makes TAG home, too.

Much love, xx.



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