National Honey Board: Honey A-Game

by Erin Canetta

25 January, 2013

I’m going to piggyback off of my colleague Ryan McRyhew’s back and also write about the National Honey Board film series. The first week of January, Ryan and I got the chance to work together for the second time on a video series for the National Honey Board. We rehired the same film crew and worked again with master baker, Melina Kelson. And, we got to work for the first time with our new colleague, Alyssa Stahr, who brought an ultra positive attitude to the day even though she was battling an ear infection. She is already fitting right into the the TAGteam.

At one point in the day I realized how nice it was to work with people who come in and do what they have to do with a great attitude and determination to get every last detail right. The level of professionalism and respect shared amongst the group that day made everything move along at a smooth pace.

This all is very important because it was a long day of baking eight formulas and a lot going on behind the scenes, and Melina has to look fresh and ready with every take. She is amazing to work with and always puts her A-game forward, but we have to help her with that by keeping things comfortable and fun and our group manages to pull that off every time. Joking gets a little more frequent as the day goes on and everyone really has fun together.

Most important, this all comes through in the finished product for our client. Ryan had sent me a link to the first video for the Challah bread and it looks amazing. The video will be live soon so we’ll be sure to update everyone with a link. I remembered every bit of those sequences and it’s very rewarding to see how it all comes together because we all come together as a team. I’m looking forward to our next video shoot. It’s one of my favorite projects to be a part at TAG.