The Future is Bright

by Ryan McRyhew

7 January, 2013

I walked away from 2012 with a newfound love for the work that we do at The Arland Group.

TAG covered a lot of ground this past year with our video production for the National Honey Board, photo shoots for AGLA and Cintas, as well as the continuing day-to-day web development and design work. I’m nearly in disbelief that’s it’s already a new year. A lot has changed over the past five years I have been with The Arland Group, but my love for the work we do continues to grow. Having already wrapped up another production for the Baking With Honey video series this past week, the year is already off to a busy (but GREAT) start. I feel very grateful for all the opportunities in the past and look forward to the new challenges ahead of us. Here’s to another great year with The Arland Group!