The TAG Series of Tours—Why Bonding, Marketing Equals Success

by Alyssa Stahr

31 July, 2013


Full disclosure: A former boss of mine named me “Fun Captain” of our department at one of my first jobs. While the moniker isn’t the coolest, the position is a vital one in a team. Every team needs a captain, even when it comes to having fun.

My responsibilities as Fun Captain included planning monthly team building events, coming up with games for us to play, etc. We did everything from the stereotypical “trust drop” exercises to having a tailgate party in the parking lot in honor of football season.

Getting to know each other outside of the office and marketing ourselves as we grow both are very important qualities that I enjoy in a workplace. My coworker Emily and I attended a recent St. Louis Social Media Club event, and we struck up a conversation with the social media marketing person at Kaldi’s Coffee. Kaldi’s, like many facilities in St. Louis, gives free tours. The light bulb went off. The Arland Group could bond through touring cool places in St. Louis, all the while forging relationships with these businesses and via social media and beyond. After all, behind each business in this city are some interesting people with amazing stories.

Thus was born The Arland Group series of tours. So far we have toured Kaldi’s and Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company. Over the next couple of months we plan on touring the Budweiser Brewery, Schlafly Bottleworks, the Fox Theatre and Companion Baking. Not only will we get to promote some awesome organizations housed in our city, but we will have fun stories to tell, learn a lot and bond along the way.