Traffic Manager … WHAT??

by Kathy Black

30 December, 2013

As 2013 comes to a close The Arland Group excitedly is looking toward 2014, already in full swing of planning out projects, road trips and in-person events for the coming year. TAG has no time to slow down. We aren’t winding down—we are gearing up—and what a power-packed 2014 we have in front of us!

In true TAG fashion our company continues to change in order to be more productive and successful for our clients. 2014 already is seeing new faces, relocations and changing roles within the daily operations of the company.

I am happy to be filling a new role as traffic manager at TAG. What does that mean exactly? Traffic managers manage the schedule of work; communicate closely with the account management and creative teams; and track budget constraints of projects.

Sounds fun right? 2014 is sure to bring new challenges, opportunities for more growth and continued learning. I am looking forward to being a part of continued TAG success.

Happy 2014!