We Can’t Wait for Honey Summit 2012!

by Erin Canetta

13 August, 2012

One of the best parts of working at TAG is the variety our individual jobs offer. I can get a magazine to the printer one day and be on a plane to visit our St. Louis office the next day to discuss an upcoming summit for The National Honey Board just to come the following day and design two flyers for Safelite. I can honestly say I’m never bored here…maybe a little stir crazy… but never bored.

After discussing our upcoming summit for NHB, I could not be more excited about this project. It will be a full day of idea sharing where all the attendees and the TAG team roll up our sleeves and actually bake with honey. Of course this idea originates with our mastermind, Keith. But to be a major part of an event that brings so much back to the client is rewarding. It’s the reason we do what we do.

The event will take place in my hometown, Chicago on September 26th at Kendall College and we’ll partner again with Master Baker, Melina Kelson, whose professionalism and level of expertise is inspiring.

Out-of-the-box ideas such as this are what set us apart. To put on an event like this will surely give me an ulcer by the time it’s done because I’ll want it to be perfect. However, I know from the video series we completed for NHB, it’s guaranteed to be something we all walk away from feeling a sense of gratification and pride that we reached a high level of achievement.

Whether your interest is saving lives, selling cars, winning gold medals or marketing clients, when you’re doing something you really enjoy and you reach your goal, especially as a team, the reward is not measurable. So, now that I’ve really built this up and set myself up, this summit better come off without a hitch. I can’t wait for this event and I’m sure to write another blog reporting on its results. Stay tuned!