Web Video Integration: Here to Stay

by Ryan McRyhew

29 March, 2013

While it’s not exactly a new thing, we have noticed a steady trend toward video integration on the web. Thanks to accessible bandwidth, fast connections and standardized web technology we now are able to access video on nearly every platform imaginable.

Video always has been one of the most effective forms of visual communication. It offers the ability to deliver the message to a broad audience in a direct, interactive and personal form. Yes, a large percentage of this bandwidth has been devoted to Nyan Cat, bad Beach Boy lip syncs, and countless other Internet memes. With more than a million views, one thing is certain—people are engaged.

We already are wrapping up some big video projects this year and are very excited to share them. In the meantime, whether it’s instructional, motivational or informational, if you want to integrate video into your current website, we would love to help.