What Inspires Me: Jessica Miller-Galbreath (My Wife and Owner of Ru Fabricates)

by Jonathan Galbreath

8 June, 2010

My wife is the founder and seamstress of Ru Fabricates – http://www.rufabricates.com/.

She’s a DPT (Doctorate of Physical Therapy), humanitarian, vegetarian, pilates instructor, athlete … and wildly creative seamstress.

She’s as rare as a snipe. Or, something even more rarerer, perhaps on par with Gene Shalit. >>> however, more attractive.

The Arland Group says, “Everything has reason. Everything has relation. Everything has to be perfect. Clients may never notice the attention to the minute details, but we know they can feel it.”

I’m inspired by my wife – she lives that same “ism”, every day.  Unbridled creativity is hard to hold onto for a “Type A” personality – she is a rare bird.

Another Arland-ism: Creativity is infectious.  It’s the most scary part of chaos and sometimes the most beautiful. Be good to people who own it, need it, and deserve it.

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