What Inspires Me: Media Consumption

by Keith Seiz

7 July, 2010

I am a consumer of media. I may be addicted to it. Even my downtime nowadays is spent on the couch with iPhone in hand checking news, blogs, twitter, facebook or reading a book. Not only do these things entertain me, they also inspire me. They give me new ideas and keep my brain working, regardless of how frivolous or unimportant they may seem. My top 5 media inspirations:

1. Twitter: My relationship with twitter has had its ups and downs. At first, it was silly, frivolous and something for people to kill time at their jobs. Then I started to realize what a great business tool it could be, not only for The Arland Group, but also for our clients. Now, I’m fully vested, managing many of our client’s Twitter brands, and also establishing my personal brand (@arlandkeith). Like most Twitter users, I started out as read only, then found my voice, which is a mixture of work and promoting my hobbies, mainly cycling.

But what I love most about Twitter is it’s ability to allow me to digest media. I can scroll through my feed in about 15 minutes and open up to 30 new windows with articles I am interested in. It’s reduced the time I spend surfing the internet by probably 75%. It’s my own personal filter.

2. East of Eden: I used to be a voracious book reader, now I’m lucky to get through two books a year. I’m currently knee-deep in John Steinbeck’s East of Eden, and absolutely loving it. I was on a big non-fiction kick for the last five years, and forgot how good a novel could be.

3. Music: Three albums on repeat:

  1. Roots – How I Got Over
  2. Fionn Regan – The Shadow of an Empire
  3. Sleigh Bells – Treats

4. Tour de France: I first starting watching the Tour de France about seven years ago, mainly attracted to the scenery. Everyday, it was like watching a live travel show through some of the most beautiful places on Earth. The riders were almost secondary. Today, the scenery still impresses me, but I watch more for the sport. Hands down, cycling is my favorite sport (sorry baseball!), and an excellent and inspiring way to start my mornings in July.

5. Text Messaging: I’m about five years late on this, but I have finally come around to the value of text messaging. Not only does it eliminate the time I spend on the phone, but it also reduces voice mails.