What You Need to Know About LinkedIn’s New Page Features

by Joshlyn Polk

28 September, 2016

By now you’ve probably seen some changes to your LinkedIn company page. In an effort to retain and grow user traffic, LinkedIn has improved the interface to be more visually engaging and easier to navigate for both users and page admins. This is in addition to several powerful publishing features that the company has slowly rolled out over the last few years.

Here’s the run down on our favorite new LinkedIn features:

Cover Image
Company pages can now feature a sprawling, full color, high-resolution image across the back cover, allowing companies to further brand their pages with color and visual imagery. These images are customizable, either prepopulated from the company webpage or can be swapped out with an image of your preference.

Jobs & Life Tabs
Job seekers can get a new perspective by accessing the jobs and life tabs on your company page. Under the jobs tab, LinkedIn’s new “recommendation engine” offers up positions that most closely match users’ skills and experience, improving relevance and convenience. Users can also see if they have existing connections within the company, how often candidates with a similar professional background were hired, and who might be on their team if employed there.

The life tab serves up a unique view of your page, customizable for each of the audiences that you have identified as targets for your most in demand positions. This gives you better control of the message surrounding your brand.

Image Carousel
Upload multiple, high-resolution images to showcase your locations, people and company culture. Users can browse through photo galleries in a sleek, new carousel feature without navigating away from the company page.

Mobile Content Search
While we have gotten used to powerful search capabilities on other platforms, LinkedIn has traditionally lagged behind in refining this functionality. Not anymore. Access articles from influencers across the platform and explore topics relevant to your professional interests with LinkedIn’s revamped content search capabilities, including hashtags! Learn more about content search here.

LinkedIn has improved its instant messenger feature to allow for faster, more streamlined conversations similar to what can be seen on other chat apps.

The best part of all is that these features are totally free and will be rolled out across all company pages over the next few days. Additional premium features that provide enhanced analytics and tracking data can be accessed at a monthly membership fee, but most businesses will find that the free features are more than substantial for improving their experience on the platform. These changes are just the latest improvements announced from the professional networking powerhouse, which was acquired by Microsoft Corporation in an unprecedented buyout earlier this year.

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