Why Blogging is Important to Your Recruitment Brand

by Keith Seiz

25 May, 2010

Everyone knows they should be blogging (us included!), but few understand why they should be blogging. This is no more apparent than in the talent acquisition arena, where recruitment blogs are far and few between. This is unfortunate, as a solid recruitment blog provides something that your career website and brochures cannot: a personality.

Corporate-speak dominates most materials generated in the recruitment and human resources department. Every “t” is crossed, every “i” is dotted, and every word and punctuation mark has been reviewed by managers, supervisors, vice presidents and the legal team. The resulting copy has been put through the wringer so many times that the life of it has been left writhing on the cutting room floor. And all that is left is corporate speak with bland job descriptions and indistinguishable benefit lists. It’s nice, but it’s not great, and it’s not going to make a company stand out in the competitive quest for quality talent.

This is where blogging should be implemented and help your organization rise above the bland corporate-speak of most career websites. Every company that invests money in recruiting talent should invest money in blogging about it.

I’ve talked to many large companies about the importance of recruitment blogging, and I always get the same three questions:

  1. How much is this going to cost? I get why this is the main concern. Budgets are getting trimmed, and it’s hard to justify adding new products when traditional recruitment products are being cut. However, recruitment blogging is more affordable than you probably think, and maintaining and posting content can be cost-neutral dependent on your team’s dedication to the product. Simply put, you can start a recruitment blog and maintain it with a combination of internal and external writers for the cost of a couple full-page classified ads in a major newspaper.
  2. What do we write about? By far, the most standard question, and by far, the easiest to answer. Write about everything! Write about the job fairs you go to. Write about the benefits of your company. Write about specific careers and openings in a personal manner. Write about the exceptional people and things your company does. Consider the blog a really long interview, where you are casually relating the great benefits of your company as if someone was across the desk from you.
  3. My team is already overworked, how am I going to find the resources to write a blog? As a former editor of a magazine, I understand the intimidation that comes from being tasked to write something. But as with most things, communication is key. Your team of writers needs to understand that writing a blog is completely different/easier than writing an English Literature essay. In addition, outside talent acquisition agencies can provide the majority of the content on your blog, freeing your team to focus on other things. When evaluating an external blog partner, it is imperative that they understand your organization, its needs, and most of all, know how to blog.

There are countless other benefits to recruitment blogging, including improved search engine optimization, direct interaction with your target audience, and more. If you have any questions about how a recruitment blog can improve your quest for quality talent, email me at kseiz@thearlandgroup.com.