Wisdom Comes With Age, Hopefully

by Kathy Black

25 May, 2012

In the St. Louis office, part of the decor and charm is the Inspiration Wall. The concept is rather simple, find something that inspires you and hang it on the wall. Our wall consists of magazine articles, photos and some of the branding and advertising projects that The Arland Group has been responsible for. Most of what hangs on our Inspiration Wall is compliments of Keith. Megan and I need to step up our game.

My inspiration, that has yet to make it to the wall, is actually a quote from my grandfather. He said to me last July 25th, “You hear a billion words a day and they all run together and most of them don’t mean anything.” I sat there and took it all in. He was just talking out loud really, as if I wasn’t even in the room. He and I sat there together with no one else in the house, as he ate the McDonald’s that I had just brought for him and it dawned on me that there sat a man that has lived a lifetime spanning from the Great Depression to Facebook, Twitter and texting. And he was right, so many words, so little meaning just like that, the wisdom of a grandfather was being shared with me and he didn’t even realize it, but I did.

Understanding the truth in that statement comes only with time and age. Learning that the person that is always doing the talking isn’t the person that knows the most is a life lesson, that if learned early, can save us from a lot of frustration. Those people will at times grab attention, because they usually demand it, and try to keep the focus on themselves by making noise. Being quiet, composed and poised are traits that are harder to come by. Most people want to associate with those that actually mean what they say and say what they mean.

Without even realizing it, we adopt this principal every day at The Arland Group. It’s one of the reasons that I genuinely enjoy being part of this team. Wasting words and telling people what they want to hear isn’t who we are. We’re a company that produces quality work and being proud of how we conduct business will always be at the center of what we do. It’s nice to know that my addition to the Inspiration Wall will serve as a great reminder of this.