Time to Check Your Pulse…Your Pulse App That Is!

by Jessy Dyson

26 June, 2015

Last Wednesday, LinkedIn debuted a new version of its news app, Pulse.

Pulse now more closely resembles the clean look of LinkedIn’s apps and no longer operates as a seemingly endless stream of stories. Instead, the app has become more of a curated news source. Pulse’s home page functions as a feed of news stories deemed most relevant to you based on data from your LinkedIn profile.

Using information such as your job title, company, connections and industry, Pulse pulls in articles that would most likely interest you. If an article is popular at a company similar to yours or another person in a similar job title shares an article, those articles could be placed in your feed. Articles shared or written by your connections can also show up in your feed. Pulse will also notify you when people in your network are mentioned in the news. Users can update their preferences for the app’s suggestions and recommendations will improve as you read more stories and add or delete stories from your feed.

Plans to use other data from your LinkedIn profile to determine relevant stories, such as areas in which you are endorsed, are also in the works. “The high level goal was to move away from just being an rss reader or a news reader and move into intelligence,” Akshay Kothari, Pulse’s cofounder said. “How do we help you take thousands of articles written every day and get to the five that you really need to read.” It looks like they’ve figured out a way to do it.

Source: http://mashable.com/2015/06/17/linkedin-pulse-redesign/