Get Ready to Face Mobilegeddon

by Joshlyn Polk

11 May, 2015

Yes, commonly referred to as “Mobilegeddon” Google’s shake-up to the way users search for information has some companies feeling the heat. 

In an effort to optimize usability, Google has decided to give preference to companies that have optimized their websites for mobile devices. This means significant changes to where companies end up in search results on smartphones. This is potentially great news for consumers. Now, only websites that are relevant to what was searched for, yet easy to navigate on mobile will show up first in queries.

However, this has set off alarms for businesses because it may translate to big dips in traffic levels for the top 40% of websites who, surprisingly in this day and age, aren’t all mobile friendly. One market research study estimates that nearly 46% of Fortune 500 companies and approximately 29% of top retail websites do not meet Google’s mobile-friendly requirements. USA Today reports that the last time Google made changes, it was estimated to have affected about 11% of all search results; leading some companies to allege losses in the millions.

While there has been a lot of buzz about the changes, Google has done their best to soothe ruffled feathers, insisting that since these changes will only affect mobile phones and not desktops or tablets, companies should not experience huge differences in website traffic. Also, if a company has particularly relevant and high quality information on their website, they will still rank highly in search results.

It’s not yet clear which companies will be affected by the algorithm tweaks. Changes have already begun but a full roll out is expected to take several weeks. Learn more about Google’s practices, the new algorithm and how it may affect your search experience by visiting this link: