Responsive Web Design: I’ve Never Felt Nerdier

by Jonathan Galbreath

16 January, 2013

We know our clients check our website at least once a week to see what’s new at The Arland Group. Much like, we have embraced responsive web design in a big way. Our resident nerds have never been more excited about a web trend. Take a peek at the newly redesigned The Arland Group website.  It looks great on a desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. It looks great at 2560 x 1440. It looks great at 320 x 480. And, it maintains content all in one area. At The Arland Group, what we do looks simple. Sometimes things that look easy are quite the opposite. Responsive web design is essentially simple, and the amount of whiz-bang that can be attained by adding AJAX and jQuery effects is infinite.

If you don’t currently have a tablet or phone specific websites … give us a shout. We have a lot to talk to you about. creates some great content and is a great place for us to follow emerging trends and tell some folks, “We told you so!” Check out this recent post on responsive web design.